January 17, 2022

Fear, Trust and The Leap of Faith

Well, life does work in mysterious ways! As you know from my first post called Synchronicity, my strategy to transition from my corporate role into my own coaching business, my side hustle, was one that was going to take 12 months. I had a great transition plan all mapped out: slowly reduce my hours in my corporate role as my side hustle grows. That was the safest way in my mind and squashed all the fear I had. The fear of not making enough money. Not being successful. Not being relevant. Not finding my ideal clients. The fear is real and rears it’s head every day.

We all know what happens to the best laid plans. They change. Sometimes unexpectedly. Adjust we must as Yoda would say. And mine changed significantly at very short notice. I had yet again failed to listen to my intuition. If I don’t start listening to it I will keep having to learn this lesson. I chose to listen this time.

In earlyJanuary it became very clear to me that if I really wanted to create a soulful business, aligned to my values and attract my ideal clients, then I really needed to invest a lot more time in creating the foundations required for that. I had underestimated the investment in time necessary to get up and running relatively quickly.

I found myself on the fastest road to burnout #3: working two full time jobs in one day. The decision in my head was not as clear as what my heart or gut were telling me. The head resisted. Logic wanted to win the day. It doesn’t make sense to give up everything to start from scratch Sinja. What about the bills that will keep coming Sinja? What if you are not good enough Sinja.

Thank you fear for trying to keep me safe. Not today. I can feel you fear but I’m going to do it anyway – I’m leaping!

In the end I’m thankful that I am a planner and extremely grateful to my hubby, my rock and wings who provided me the reassurance and support I needed to take that leap of faith and walk away from my corporate role.

Now don’t get me wrong, working in corporate has supported me for all my years in Change Management of which there are many really exciting good ones. I was taught everything I know today in that environment by great people, mentors and leaders. I also burned out twice in that environment.

I was not prepared to do it a third time! It was not the long hours that were doing it. It was that my light was being dimmed. My value as a change manager was questioned on a daily basis. Some organisations get it. Others don’t. I got really tired of having to prove my worth and value and not being able to, due to the belief systems around me. I was hearing that change management slows us down – we just want to get the system in; we don’t need change management – we are only making incremental changes, nothing big. Change management is too costly. The project can’t afford it.

The recipients of the change were saying the opposite: I can’t do my job anymore the process changed when they put the new system in. The changes to the system were incremental but now what I used to do doesn’t work anymore because I’m missing a key component. We’ve done a restructure and those that remain have to pick up the work from those that left. The work didn’t stop. The priorities didn’t change. We don’t know how to do all that work. I’m so tired of ALL the changes and priority projects, I just want to do my job. Help!

The reality is we are all burning out for many reasons. One of them is because we resist change. Change is not comfortable and we are creatures of habit. We like comfort. We don’t like feeling uncomfortable and we don’t like not knowing. We can’t see what’s on the other side so in most cases we feel it’s best to stay with what we do know. People don’t really resist the change. They fear the unknown.

My passion is helping people like you through that uncomfortable feeling of change brought on by the unknown, whatever change that may be in your personal life, career or in your own business. I like doing it one person at a time. Focussed on you as the whole person. Customised to your needs. Not customised to how the organisation needs it.

I am here to help you decide what road to take when you reached a cross road. Guiding you to your own truth whatever that may be for you. Being your guide and compass as you reach for your goals and chase after your dream life. You only have one. Why wait?

When you are lit up doing what you are passionate about, you create that first ripple of change. You expand that ripple when you as a Visionary, Strategist, Leader of people and Changemaker help others light up and make changes too. The power to transform yourself is within you. The power to transform the world lies within every Changemaker! You! Yes, you.

So, here I am as a Changemaker. I sit with fear but also with trust building my business. Making the change that I want to see in the world happen. I will be that change and as your coach I will bring it every day for each of you who want to make change happen. Change is inspired by confidence. I help you get clear and build your confidence in your decision making to pursue what you were put on this earth for. I help you bust through the fear so you can reach your goals despite it.

What change do you want to see in the world? Leave me a comment. I’m really curious to know.

Sinja x

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