January 3, 2022

Three words for a brand new year

For years I have set New Year’s resolutions. Not so this year! The motivation to achieve them seems to fizzle out after a few months and I’m always disappointed in myself when at the end of the year I only met some of them and not all of my goals or worse discover that I didn’t really achieve any of them.

They say that nothing changes if you don’t make a change so this year I am trying something new to me. I am going to set 3 words for myself. Words that will help me keep aligned with myself, what I believe in and what I am setting out to achieve this year. I will keep those words close by when making decisions and investing my time.

It has taken some purposeful reflection (maybe some wine too) to narrow down the list of words I came up with to just three. It wasn’t a process of elimination but more a process of finding three words that embraced and described all my words on the list.

My three words for 2022 are:

  1. Authentic
  2. Expansion
  3. Connection

The year 2022 means big change for me. I decided on a radical cleanse in order to be able to lead a life that I envision for myself and my family. For too long I have held onto what no longer inspires me, doesn’t feel like me anymore and really doesn’t excite me much either. I am coming out of the box that I put myself in. The “Box of Shoulds” I call it. I should be this but I’m not. I should do this but I don’t really want to. I should look like this but I don’t. I should…I should….I should….Enough! I shouldn’t do any of this if it doesn’t feel right and I am only doing it because others think I should.

I am purposefully letting go of limiting thoughts, other’s expectations of me, roles and responsibilities that are not mine and people, places and situations that are not uplifting, inspiring or driven by heart and true connection.

My three words for 2022: Authentic, Expansion, Connection will absolutely guide me in my endeavours this year.
Am I being true to myself (authentic)?
Is this helping me or hindering me (expansion)?
Does this feel right, aligned, good (connection)?

To help me focus and live in alignment with my three words I am setting 5 intentions for myself this year.

I will be true to myself. I will show up as my authentic self and not hide my truth. I will do what I love and love what I do. My skills and my knowledge are appreciated and valued. I am able to be my best self.

My focus will be on expanding myself, my business and my clients. I will learn new things to help me expand my mind and my business. Both will help me help others do the same for themselves.

I will surround myself with positive energy and look for what is possible. I will connect with people who show kindness and consideration, who own their behaviour, who take inspired action and allow me to be who I am and value it. Together we bring out the best in each other. No jealously. No hate.

Nothing ever is accomplished just by oneself. It takes a village. I will surround myself with people who push me to be better. No drama. No negativity. I will seek help when I need it and surround myself with people who can help me create and grow a deeply connected, heart-centred, sustainable business focussed on holding a safe space for people looking to make big changes for themselves, to transform their lives and as a result the lives of people they are surrounded by.

Staying in my own lane will be important. I will focus on my journey of swapping out my corporate career for running my own business, not compare myself to others and deeply understand that this is a journey and not a race or a competition that needs to be won. Perfection is not required but taking inspired action is.

Success to me will be doing what I am passionate about and love doing. That is: helping others make change happen easefully for themselves. Meaning they are able to accept change gracefully rather than resist it and realise that the power to transform themselves is within them. I merely act as their guide. As a result of doing what I love, I achieve swapping my full time corporate career out for being my own boss and running my own coaching business instead.

What are your intentions for 2022? Do you need help identifying this for yourself or want to know more?

Head on over to my website at www.sinjahallam.com

Let’s connect.

Sinja x

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