Executive and Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and big believer in kindness as a strength and something we need more of in this world. 

As a heart-centered and connection-led human, I've spent my life knowing I wanted to serve others and have invested my time, energy and whole soul into making change happen in corporate and now through my own coaching company. 

I'm now focused on serving incredible people like you, expand their leadership skills, build purpose driven, fulfilling careers and businesses to create the, soul-led, intentional and abundant lives  of  YOUR dreams. 

I'm Sinja

Magic, gifts
and talents

My goal is to help you to gain a deeper understanding of the change you are experiencing and with it help you construct the intentional journey forward for you.

It seems counterintuitive but I believe that life’s most turbulent moments are where the best and most enduring transformation occurs. Real growth happens in the liminal space - the space between the “what was” and what’s “next” for you.

I’m passionate about helping people navigate through the upheaval of change and life’s challenges to uncover their own unique potential for participation in the larger story of our time that we are all writing together.

I see the beauty and power in a person’s lived experience and create brave spaces for you to show up as yourself with vulnerability to generate deep and lasting change together. I am here to support you in your transformation journey

Am I in the right place?

You are a driven, ambitious successful leader AND are looking to create greater impact by expanding your leadership skills. Maybe you are a coach or creative looking to build, launch and grow your heart-centred, purpose driven business: 

You're really hoping to make a difference, step up and truly reach your potential. AND, you're prepared to courageously create a new path for yourself however, you don't know how and your inner critic is holding you prisoner.

 BREATHE! Yes, you've landed in the right spot. I've got your back!

Perhaps you're facing major change in your life, you've found yourself at unexpected crossroads and now you are asking yourself "how do I move forward from here? Change my career? Build the business of my dreams? 

Perhaps you have already started a coaching business and you've found that there is SO much to know and learn. You want to find more clients, get more visibility and make more money but you fear failurelack confidence to move forward with your ideas and don't quite know where to turn next.

You know you want more. Staying the same, doing the same fills you with dread AND you are so ready to take bold action to get what your heart truly wants yet you find yourself asking: but what is that really?

Right now, you're mindset is playing tricks on you. You feel overworked, undervalued, unfulfilled and exhausted from doing it all. You are stuck in your head doubting your decisions, overanalysing and frequently second guessing yourself.

 My Signature Framework

Using my Signature Framework: Own Your Power Method I will guide you through a process that empowers you and provides you with the tools to break free and actually make the changes you desire so you can transform your life, be the person you want to be and most importantly lead the life you dreamed of.

I will hold the space for you to deeply connect with yourself and work through a tailored approach that results in lasting transformational change for yourself. We will work through a 3 Pillar Process: Change your Mindset, Build your Power and Leave Your Legacy to get you the results you are after. 

At the end of our work together you will feel proud of what you have achieved, be empowered to be your authentic self  in the story you are intentionally creating for yourself and those you impact around you. You will know with clarity and certainty what your vision and purpose for your future is and step towards it with confidence and an unmistakeable presence. 

Live and Lead Powerfully Your Way to Leave a Legacy

We all desire to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Together we call in your vision and purpose to create the bespoke strategies you need to be impactful and leave a legacy you are proud of. 


To play the long game in business you need confidence, presence and authenticity. Together we ensure that you lead authentically, your business represents who you are and want to be and you have the strategies required to be unstoppable.



We create your CEO Mindset by busting through your old thinking patterns, limiting beliefs, inner critic and self-doubt. Together we create clarity, certainty and focus on how you move the dial forward in your life & business. 

Own your Power Method

By Sinja

Leave a Legacy 

Ignite your Personal Power

Unlock your Potential 

If you are ready to discover your power to live and lead your way, make an impact and leave a legacy you are proud of, I’m right here waiting to help you. Go ahead, complete the questionnaire and submit it. Let’s get to know one another to see if we are a good match to journey together. 

"And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same."

Nelson Mandela

the results

As a certified life coach and change manager with an MBA and a corporate background, I understand the complexities of the world you work in. Our shared human experiences give me the understanding of how this impacts the world you and I live in. I’m Dare to Lead ™ Trained and like Brené Brown, believe that kindness and vulnerability are strengths to be harnessed not weaknesses that need to be hidden.

Being a changemaker, a leader, a strategist and visionary is hard and requires courage but even the best of them get tired and feel lost but don’t want anybody to know. I’m here to help you rediscover your purpose, passion and ignite your personal power to transform yourself to live an unstoppable life.

High confidence level


Deep Self-Awareness

Career/Personal Success

Positive Mindset

It's time to finally trust in yourself, your decisions, beliefs and capabilities

Make change happen more easily for yourself and those around you, with a greater understanding

Feel aligned,  understand and manage your blind spots and use vulnerability as your strength

Embrace your new skills, knowledge and tools to manage and shift your mindset

Feel much happier, more positive and greater success in your personal and professional life

I will guide you through a process that helps you break free and actually make the changes you desire so you can transform your life, be the person you want to be and most importantly lead the life you dreamed of.

Kim Kershaw

I highly recommend Sinja as a Life Coach. She gently guided me on my journey of self-discovery in working toward my goals during our 6 sessions. Her ability to actively listen to what I had to say gave me a true sense of feeling heard and valued. Sinja’s encouragement and positivity helped me feel supported every step of the way. Even in moments where I felt self-doubt, her curiosity to dig a little deeper with her questions, helped me rise above this and stride forward. 

I cannot recommend Sinja highly enough. If you are wanting to reach for the stars but need that continuing contact with a Life Coach who keeps you on track, then Sinja is the person for you. You will be more than happy you took the step toward wanting better for yourself. I know I am. I have been coached twice by Sinja. The second time increased my confidence even further and enabled me to make a life changing decision that feels right for me and she gifted me the tools to take me to the next chapter of my life.  

joanne M.

I was at a crossroad with my professional career and contemplating a major decision. Sinja provided a trusting environment and guidance to enable me to have the courage and mindset to move forward. On my journey, Sinja provided the encouragement and tools to challenge myself to dig deeper to understand and confront some long-held fears and spark my enthusiasm to find the inner me. As I am highly driven, with Sinja’s guidance I have created healthy boundaries and given myself permission to allocate time for me.

The tailored coaching approach has resulted in me being happier in my personal and professional life enabling me to trust myself and my decisions and the ongoing courage to actively maintain a mindset of harmony and balance. I highly recommend Sinja as a coach to support you in your endeavours to embark in change and enjoy the journey and results as I have.

jo. B

Sinja’s coaching helped me to really know who I am more. I know what makes me happy and I know how I feel when I’m in a good space. I am more able to anchor myself to that feeling/presence. I gained perspective which is a big thing. I’m finally seeing the importance of balance and self-love and making steps to prioritise that. For me the sessions were honestly priceless! I experienced more than I expected to and the lessons were life changing. My sessions were enlightening and fun and I would not change a thing.
I am forever grateful for the experience. Sinja is an incredible coach and woman, who is obviously made to do this work. I really appreciated the session structure that Sinja was able to offer, and I was particularly thankful for her ability to guide the conversations (without putting words in my mouth) in a compassionate yet practical way. I believe Sinja is the best in the business and would encourage anyone to invest in themselves and experience the gift of life coaching.

Matthew vink

Throughout my professional career, I have put undue pressure on myself to be a perfectionist, a trusted leader of people and big teams, a high achiever and outcomes-oriented.

Sinja, as my coach, helped me realise that unfortunately, this manifested in an outward perception & reality of ‘unrelenting standards” which I had projected onto others unwittingly.

Through her intuitive guidance and holding me deeply accountable to myself, to my surprise, I moved beyond the visualisation I initially had of my best self - from Robot Man to Macarena Man. I now hold an image of myself meditating with an aura of feelings (positive and negative) surrounding me with a balance of heart and mind living in the moment. This is a much deeper version of myself than I had initially thought I could achieve. With Sinja’s help, I have become a new version of my “best self”

Gillian Witter

"Life coaching with Sinja is a breath of fresh air.

Sinja is professional experienced and knowledgeable to support you in achieving your goals dreams and personal development. Sinja deeply impacted my life at a time when I was overwhelmed and blocked with worries, self-doubt and discrediting myself. She supported and empowered me to look at the situation from a new perspective and to not abandon myself.

Her warm-disposition, tenacity, consistency and attention to detail guided me in achieving my goals and making creative adjustments to some personal attributes.
Sinja is an exceptional life coach. If you want to make powerful affirming life changes, please work with Sinja to help you get there."

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Coaching is a partnership. As your coach, my role is to help you unlock and maximise your potential to lead the life you dream of. Your role is to understand your baseline (where you are at) and where you want to be. I created The Self-Help Guide to empower you to make changes in your life yourself by doing some of the exercises and challenges I do with my clients to get them started on their transformation journey. By downloading my Self-Help Guide, you get a sneak peak!

The Self-Help Guide

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