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I am deeply passionate and excited about speaking to audiences of men and women about leading and embracing change first for themselves and then helping to change the world around them.

I am the the ideal speaker for people who are ready to embrace compassion, kindness and vulnerability into their leadership style, want to make an impact and leave a legacy in this world that is contrary to the always on hustle culture of stress and burnout.

authentic speaker?

"There comes a time you have to decide: Do you keep quiet or do you stand up."

Malala Yousafzai

Guest speaker opportunities

I am available for bookings for keynote presentations, workshops, Q+A style live events, panel discussions, conferences,, intimate gatherings and more. I have an interactive speaking style — using anecdotes and stories from my lived experiences and share real-world tools to take my audience on a heart-opening journey. Participants will walk away with a notepad packed full of practical tips, tricks and serious action steps to transform themselves first and then the world. 

Some of my favourite topics to speak on include but are not limited to:

The Truth about Change and Change Management or anything related to leading change, digital transformation and how to really get the hearts and minds of people on board with whatever change you have coming your way

Creating successful, sustainable change

Resilience and Optimism

Challenging fear and doubt during change and the negativity that comes with that

What do we have to do today to help the next generation not be human doings

Women in Tech: how to overcome obstacles and bust through your fear

Rising as a woman working in a male dominated environment: How to still be you, retain your femininity and smash through limiting beliefs

Cultivating your mindset: Mindset matters

Following and believing in your intuition

Have a chat to me today about how I can tailor a message specific for your theme that will engage and inspire your audience.


Sinja ran a workshop on Change Management for the Women’s Professional Development Network at the University of Adelaide. Her session came at a very critical time, and Sinja was extremely helpful and flexible in pulling this together in a short timeframe. Her responsiveness and professionalism was amazing.

I love how passionate Sinja is about change and supporting people through the ‘fear of the unknown’. This workshop couldn’t have come at a better time and was well received by the entire room. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you Sinja, and can’t wait to have you back again soon.

Thank you so much for all your knowledge, expertise and constant inspiration!


Sinja's passion and drive for change management was clear upon our first meeting.

I felt engaged when she spoke and motivated to embrace the changes that were upon me. I appreciate that Sinja was honest and open about change, acknowledging that change is messy and your mindset is key to how you adapt and embrace those changes.

Again, thank you Sinja for facilitating the WPDN (Women’s Professional Development Network) masterclass and bringing REALness to the table!


I found the session that Sinja ran for WPDN on ‘change’ really informative and gave me some great tools for the coming months.

Days after the session I still find myself thinking about what she presented and how I can make a difference in the conversations that I have with colleagues.

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