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If you are ready to discover your power to transform and lead an unstoppable life, I’m right here waiting to help you. My hope for you at the end of our work together is that you feel proud of who you are and the way you contribute to the world and that you find profound joy and energy in the story you are creating for yourself.

Executive Coaching?

You are a seasoned executive, in a leadership role or have been identified as an emerging leader. You are driven, passionate, accomplished and want to have an impact on those around you, in your community and the wider world. 

You don't mind taking risks, driving innovation and pushing the limits. At the same time you find that you have stopped pushing your own edges because you got busy. You wear busyness like a badge of honour BUT mostly you feel overworked, stressed , disconnected from yourself and have no time for the things you really want to do. You are frustrated, sometimes angry and you don't even know why. Exhaustion is ever present.

Being at the top of your game also means you are often alone with nobody to truly hold judgement free space for you or maybe you fear showing your true self for what others will think of you as their leader and crave a space where you can just let all the thought carousels out. 

Work sees the best of you and your family and friends see what's left of you at the end of the day or week. If you get to see them at all. 

Your phone and what's in it seems to rule your life. You are constantly connected and find it hard to disengage to recharge. You know you are running on empty and yet you keep pushing through. You know you need to do something different but one day blends into the next. Burnout isn't far away and you know it. You want it to be different. 

I see you. 

About you...

I have over 20 years experience in Enterprise Change Management working across a wide variety of industries including banking, steel, oil and gas, mining, utilities, higher education and management consulting.

Recently voted Top 15 Executive Coach in Adelaide 2022, current coach to Fortune 100 leaders worldwide, I deeply understand the complexities my clients face and operate in which helps me be the coach to bring courage, heart and empathy back into leadership to transform our workplaces into more sustainable environments for everybody - one person at a time. 

I'm a certified life coach, Dare to Lead ™ Trained (Brené Brown) and to top it off have an MBA from the University of Adelaide. I'm a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and am working towards my accreditation right now.

Enough about the qualifications though my passion is empowering leaders to unleash their brilliance to put the heart back into corporate, create an impact and intentionally live and lead powerfully their way to leave sustainable working environments for all of us now and in the future. 

My own journey to lead a purposeful, intentional and joyful life after having burned out twice continues. My business is set up in such a way that I give back to the community in the form of expanding financial access to help underserved communities thrive via kiva.org. 5% of my profits of e-book sales go towards loans for women to start up their own business or girls to obtain an education in underserved communities.

Why work with me?

What can coaching do for me?

You will know that boundaries set you free and will have intentionally created a life with balance for all the things you believe in and are passionate about. It all fits in and has a place. You know that your options are limitless because your mindset is set to one of abundance not lack.

Your inner critic no longer wins the day and you are back in control of your confidence. You no longer play small and you definitely won’t be second guessing yourself because you have clarity and can focus on what truly matters. 

You will know where you are headed having found that inner spark that drives you and leads you to where you want to be. You will believe in yourself. Your leadership presence will be unmistakeable and increase your effectiveness because your focus is not being stolen by distractions.

You will feel like you have rediscovered yourself, your truth and your purpose. You will know who you are and that your authenticity is what sets you apart from others and is what drives your impact. 

You will be ready to take action whether the conditions are perfect or not. Perfection and fear no longer hold you back because you have aligned yourself with your vision and purpose once more. You will inspire others by how you deal with your imperfections (we all have them!). 

You will live and lead powerfully your way and leave a legacy you are proud of! You will have greater visibility. 

"Thank you Sinja. I couldn’t have achieved what I deemed as the impossible, without you as my Life Coach. "

Kim Kershaw

The Power Hour

This one-off consultation is perfect for you if you are currently finding yourself at a crossroad or you have an immediate decision that needs to be made. The choice is hard. You are hesitant to make it as there are too many options, pro’s and con’s and it’s doing your head in. As your coach, I’ll act as your brainstorming partner. We will look at options together and I will help you gain quick clarity so you can make an aligned choice with who you are and where you want to be. 

Pre-call questionnaire (required prior to consult)
Complimentary discovery call for 30 mins
1x 90min live video or in person session
1 week of follow up support via email after the call (limited to 3 emails)
1x 30min follow up call within 2 weeks of the original call to complete the consultation




$ 1220





Pre call questionnaire (required prior to discovery call)
Complimentary discovery call for 30mins
1x 90min live video or in person kick off session
5x 1hr live video or in person sessions, one every two weeks over 3 months
Unlimited follow up support by sms, voice message or email between sessions

This 1:1 coaching series is perfect for you if you are looking to to be more intentional about your life and career. You may be transitioning through particular stages of your life like advancing your career and want to build your leadership skills or you may be looking to increase your confidence so you can live and lead powerfully your way.  You are looking for short to medium term goal clarity, accountability and support to nail them.

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Intentionally You Series

Intentionally You Plus Series

This 1:1 coaching series is my exclusive VIP series and is perfect for you if you are interested in shaking up your life and want to embark on a transformation journey with complete guidance, enhanced support and accountability to achieve long held long term goals. There is no holding back here. We will break down the long term goals into phases and set specific milestones against which progress is made incrementally throughout the coaching series. One of the benefits of this package is the flexible structure possible due to the length of this series, which allows time for you to be coached on any impromptu event whilst still aiming to achieve the set goals.

Pre call questionnaire (required prior to discovery call)
Complimentary discovery call for 60 minutes
1x 90min live video or in person kick off session
17x 1hr live video or in person sessions, one every two weeks over 9 months
UNLIMITED follow up support by sms, voice message or email between sessions





$ 1100


"This is a much deeper version of myself than I had initially thought I could achieve. With Sinja’s help I have become a new version of my best self."

Matthew Vink

Imagine waking up filled with purpose and energy, having confidence in your decisions, feeling positive and excited about yourself and your life, being free of your limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome and your noisy inner critic, being able to make an impact and leave a legacy. Yes, this is possible for you. Book in a discovery call with me and find out how.

Frequently-Asked Questions

The following section aims to answer any questions you might have about 1:1 coaching. If you're still unsure, please reach out to me.

What is coaching?

What is life coaching?

Coaching is not the same as therapy, counselling or mentoring. Coaching focuses on the present and future unlike therapy and counselling which deal with the past. As a coach, my role is not to share my opinions and experience with you. This is mentoring. As a coach I help you obtain clarity on your goals and together we develop strategies and actions for you to achieve them. Rather than tell you what to do, I use coaching techniques to identify what is holding you back and then guide you to your own answers. On occasion, with your permission, I may provide options and suggestions but this is rarely required and the choice is always yours. As your coach I also ensure you have the strength, resolve and capacity to still be in inspired action when things get hard.

What kind of commitment do I need to make?

What kind of commitment do I need to make?

When you sign up for a package with me, I send you a contract which we mutually sign and agree. You will know upfront what you are committing to and are bound by before you start.. Each contract is developed to fit the goals and needs of my clients.

How do we get started?

How do we get started?

Your first step is to book in a complimentary discovery call with me. During this call we will get to know each other, establish where you are at and get an understanding of where you would like to be and from there work out what our next steps are. 

What can a life coach do for me?

What can a life coach do for me?

As a life coach, I partner with you to keep you on track towards achieving far reaching goals. I also help you uncover what has been holding you back and work with you to overcome those limiting beliefs. I support you on your journey. Think of me as the coach you have in your back pocket as your own personal cheer squad and number #1 fan to ensure you stay motivated and achieve your dreams.

How many coaching sessions do I need?

How many coaching sessions do I need?

Coaching is not therapy or counselling where you go until you are told that you no longer need to come. The amount of coaching that is right for you depends on your goals, how far reaching they are and how much support you would like. The value of coaching lies in the accountability support that you get. You get to choose how much coaching you would like to receive. Once we sign the contract together, your obligations for that package are set. You will know what these are before you sign up. After the coaching series is finished the choice is yours as to whether you would like to continue or not. There are no obligations. 

Which package is right for me?

Which package is right for me?

The amount of coaching that is right for you depends on what you would like to achieve and how far reaching your goals are. The value of coaching lies in the accountability support that I provide you with for your short, medium or long term goals. During my discovery call we discuss where you want to be and based on where you are today plus how far reaching your goals are, I can recommend which one of my offerings is the best fit for you and your dreams. You may even know this intuitively yourself already. 

Can I stop and if so when?

Can I stop and if so when?

Once you have signed my contract and the coaching series has begun, you are bound by the terms of the contract. The series can be stopped by mutual agreement at any time as per the terms of the contract. The contract is given to you prior to your coaching series starting so you have ample time to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions. It does need to be signed before the first session can commence.

Do I have to pay in full?

Do I have to pay in full?

No, you do not have to pay in full. Paying in full upfront would save you some money on the The Impact or Impact Plus Series. The Impact and Impact Plus Series can be paid monthly. The Power Hour does have to be paid in full. 

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