Creating, launching, running and growing your own business is a journey that often feels overwhelming.  There are so many things that need to be learned, processes that need to be set up, systems to have in place and as an entrepreneur you are wearing all the hats. You have grit, drive, tenacity and creativity but you're constantly making decisions that carry a lot of weight, you're not even sure if you are making the right decisions you and your business and sometimes you don't know what to do. Either you are in control of your business, or your business is in control of you. Which will it be? 

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You are in the early stages of having set up your online coaching or creative business to make a difference in this world and are discovering that there is so much to learn, do, plan, set up AND also that there are many things you just don't know.  You are getting lost in all the processes and just want a clear plan forward with some guidance on what to do next.

As a solopreneur you're doing more and more of everything, are finding it hard to attract your ideal clients and making real money is taking much longer than you expected. You feel like you are throwing more money and personal exertion at your business without much to show for it and yet you are so driven and determined to make a success of your dream business. 

You're on that rollercoaster ride of income ups and downs and need ways to smooth it out quickly to generate a regular income. You know you need to invest in technologies to make things a little easier for yourself but this is not your zone of genius. Content creation for your social platforms is taking huge amounts of time and you are yet to find a good flow for yourself on a daily basis. 

Frustrated and disgruntled with yourself? Wish you just had a way to get some guidance so you can focus on doing what you love, gain clarity & certainty on what matters most to move forward with immediately so you can get your life back with some balance, abundance and into alignment with what you truly desire for yourself and your dream business?

This is where I come in.  I can and will help you make change happen! 

About you and your business...

I've built my own fully booked coaching business in less than two years so know and understand what you are going through! 

I invested in my own coaches to help me be successful. I have automated my own business processes to create more time, ease and flow in my business so I can work in my zone of genius.  I can help you do the same.

I've now become the coach I wish I had first up when I started my business thinking I could do it all myself, so you don't have to go through what I had to . I don't know everything and never will but I do know the answers to a lot of the questions you are asking yourself.

I'm a certified life coach, Dare to Lead ™ Trained (Brené Brown) and to top it off have an MBA from the University of Adelaide. I'm a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and am working towards my accreditation right now, again with my own coach and mentors. 

Enough about the qualifications though, my passion is actually helping other coaches and creatives launch their beautiful businesses into the world to make a difference.  The world truly needs the magic you bring into it!  

My superpower is understanding complexity to make it simple for others. I not only know how to create strategies, I also know how to execute them. I have a practical “begin with the end in mind” approach that is focussed on making you successful as soon as possible not in a few years time. 

Why work with me?

"I love how passionate Sinja is about change and supporting people through the ‘fear of the unknown’."

Melanie Officer

The Solution

So what does it take to create, launch and grow your business and doesn't take hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process?

The answer is profound in it's simplicity: building a business is a skill. 

We can all build successful businesses because every business essentially does 6 things:
  1. Leadership (managing yourself, your mindset and your team)
  2. Service and Product creation and delivery (your coaching packages and your session)
  3. Day to day operations (processes, systems, business rhythm, activities) 
  4. Marketing (content planning, creation, copywriting and scheduling)
  5. Sales (attracting your ideal client and converting your marketing into sales) 
  6. Financial Management (managing your income, your outgoings, business strategies and plans) 

As an ambitious entrepreneur, you can develop these capabilities and get your life back with me by your side helping you build the strong foundations, launch and grow your dream business. 

I don’t have any magic dust to make miracles happen but I can promise an experienced hand at creating business processes and structures to build a strong foundation for your biz that will grow with you. I will generously share my previous learnings and discoveries to make your business journey smoother than mine. Entrepreneurship is hard, lonely work sometimes so I will partner with you to help you make smart decisions to achieve your goals. I help you work on your business rather than staying stuck in the weeds, spinning your wheels on unsolved issues. I need you to be fully in on your business, be prepared to actively participate and collaborate on this journey and be stretched in a good way. . 

I'm able to see the bigger picture and take a strategic approach to building a purpose driven business. I have a personal focus on values based living and taking a heart-centred approach. This does not mean I can’t be tough and call out what needs to be said. I believe in making my own fortune not waiting on lady luck. I love my speedy Whippet, Wilbur (or Bertie for short) and value experiences more than things. Nothing works for me without coffee first, and as a recovering perfectionist I think continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.

So don't wait until you're ready, coz you'll never be! Feel the fear and do it anyway. Just launch her already!

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Pre call questionnaire (required prior to discovery call)
Complimentary discovery call for 30mins
1x 90min live video or in person Kick Off Session
1x 90min live video or in person Midway Review Session
4x 60min live video or in person sessions, one every two weeks over 3 months
Unlimited follow up support by sms, voice message or email between sessions

This 1:1 coaching series is for you if you are ready to go all in on your dream business. You are a passionate, purpose-driven female entrepreneur and change-maker ready to get over your fears to rise and shine.  You are ready to commit to creating, building and launching a coaching or creative business you love that signs clients with ease and on repeat. I help you with your mindset, activate your internal power and create the strategies you need to leave a legacy you are proud of. 

LaunchHer Series

If you are looking for a business coach that truly understands where you are and want to go to,  then I’m ready to help you. Are you ready to launch yourself?

Grab my free guide 14 Strategies to create your Clients now!  I guarantee that it will get you started right now! It includes tips and tricks on how to identify your ideal client as well as a script to help you with spreading the word about you, your business and the work you do.  I'll also add you to my mailing list to keep you in the know with behind the scenes info,  the latest insights and exclusive offers only available to my community.

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